A photo charter took place on Saturday 20th November.

Participants got to see two open toppers in action.

31 and 706 made a fine sight on the tramway.

Further photo stops took place after dark. 752 now has added lights.

706 at Middleton Road gates.

31 at Middleton Road gates.

619 was joined by Blackpool PD3 529.

The tramcar location board is starting to fill up.

Blackpool Day - Sunday 21st November.

An early morning line up of 706, 752, 31 and 619.

OMO 1 featured on the model tramway, as did...

...Centenary 645.

Alan Catlow brought some of his models.

Pete Whiteley brought his model tramway, complete with illuminated trams.

A cavalcade started at Starr Gate (Middleton Road) and ventured to Broadwater (Whitegate) and back. All tram stops were renamed for the day. Lakeside became Fleetwood Ferry.

Heaton Park transport interchange - tram , bus and road train.

A fine line up of Balloon 706, Atlantean 364 and PD3 529.

The LTT brought Ribble Atlantean 1805 (pictured above), Ribble RE 366...

... Blackpool PD3 529 and Lytham PD2 70.

A bus service provided by Boyle St Museum of Transport
 connected the museum to Heaton Park for the day.

752 became the star of the show after dark. 619 joined in with a "Tour of Illuminations".

706's last journey to Lakeside (Fleetwood Ferry). Spotlights lit the terminus.

The tram crews pose with 706 at the end of the day.

Sharp-eyed visitors would have spotted this model of 619 in Manchester livery,
 renumbered 7. 619 is to receive work and a repaint over the winter.

Also on show was a model of 280 (680) showing a proposed future Heaton Park Tramway livery.

Some of the feedback we have received about the day...

"... an absolutely first class event ..."

"...a very enjoyable day out..."

"...it was fabulous..."

"...an enthusiasts' event of the highest order..."


Thanks go out to everybody who made the day possible.
 Special thanks have to go to Blackpool Transport, Beamish, the LTT, Manchester Museum of Transport, Blackpool 364 Group and the Barrow Bus Group for providing vehicles for the event.





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