The Trams

Click on the photos for details of our operating fleet.


Manchester 765

A 1914 Manchester 'California' type tram.

Manchester L53

A unique Eades patent reversible horse tram.

(On loan to Bury Transport Museum)

Stockport 5

A 1901 Stockport tram.
(Currently under workshop attention come along and see progress when our museum is open)


Hull 96 / Leeds 6

A 1901 Hull tram.

Blackpool 619

Blackpool Replica Vanguard 619, rebuilt in 1987. (Recently started overhaul)

Blackpool 623 (286)

A 1937 Brush car.

Blackpool 680 (280)

A 1935 Railcoach, rebuilt in 1961.

(On Loan to Blackpool Transport)

Blackpool 1 (752)

A 1920s Blackpool works car.

(Currently Out of Service)


We also have some trams currently in store.


Manchester 173

A 1901 double deck Manchester tram.

(Stored Lakeside Depot)

It's our next project once we finish Stockport 5!

Metrolink 1007

One of Metrolink's first generation of trams.
(Stored Off Site)

Oldham 43

A 1902 single deck Oldham Corporation Tramways tram. (Stored Lakeside Depot)

Rawtenstall 23

A 1912 Rawtenstall tram.

(Stored Various Locations Heaton Park)

Blackpool 702 (239)

A 1934 'Balloon'.

(Stored Lakeside Depot)

Blackpool 708 (245)

A 1934 'Balloon'.

(In store at Rigby Road, Blackpool Courtesy of Blackpool Transport.)


Other trams have operated at the park over the years. These are shown below.


Blackpool & Fleetwood 40

A 1914 Fleetwood tram.


Blackpool 600 (225)

A 1934 Blackpool tram, loaned from Blackpool Transport.


Oporto 196

A 1935 Oporto tram, loaned from Beamish.


Blackpool 31

A 1901 Blackpool tram, loaned from Beamish.


Blackpool 706

A 1934 Blackpool tram, loaned from Blackpool Transport.


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