Blackpool Boat 600 / 225

225 was delivered to Blackpool as a prototype for a new class of open single decker in January 1934. Eleven more followed in the August of that year, differing by having higher sides. 

The 'Boats' (as they were nick-named) were used to give circular tours around the system and also on promenade specials. Four Boats were deemed surplus to requirement and were scrapped in 1968. The remaining eight cars were renumbered 600 - 607 at that time. Three of these boats have since been preserved in the USA.

(225 outside the depot - MTMS Archive) 

225 arrived at Heaton Park in 1985 in exchange for Manchester 765 which went to Blackpool to take part in the Centenary celebrations. Surplus to requirements in Blackpool, it remained on long term loan in Manchester for more than 10 years. Since returning to Blackpool, it's status of prototype tramcar has been recognised with restoration work and a repaint in it's original livery. Strings of lights have also been added for use during Illumination tours.



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