Blackpool & Fleetwood Box 40

Box 40 was built in 1914 for the Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramroad Company. It was renumbered 114 in 1920 following Blackpool's take-over of the Tramroad Company, but became disused as Blackpool modernised its fleet. 114 became a permanent way gang car in 1936 and ran as number 5 until 1960, letterly being used as a crew rest room in Rigby Road depot. 

40 was restored in Company colours for the Blackpool tramway 75th Anniversary in 1960. In 1963 it was presented to the National Tramway Museum. In 1970 it went into store at the museum's Clay Cross store.  40 arrived at Heaton Park with 765 in 1979 and was restored to operation by members of the MTMS and the Fylde Tramway Society.


It returned to Blackpool in 1988 for the 90th celebrations of the Fleetwood Tramroad. In 1991 it again transferred to Clay Cross, but in 1996 it returned to Blackpool in time for the 1998 Tramroad Centenary.



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